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Download Unalome Sacred Font Font Free

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Download Unalome Sacred Font Font Free


Unalome Sacred Font Font
Published: Feb 26, 2019
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Description: Unalome Sacred Font Font
Unalome Sacred Font …. I always wanted to create a unique font that is not like any other. At the same time, for many years I have been studying various esoteric signs & symbols.

This is how the Unalome font was born. Unalome is a great Buddhist symbol, which means help & striving on the path to spiritual growth & development, connection with the spiritual realm & help of higher powers. Each capital letter in the combination of the character gives a special quality of a particular character.

Also, small letters have a handwritten look that perfectly complements the capital letters & gives a unique effect. Handwritten letters are completely connected with each other, which is extremely difficult to achieve. The letter must be written from one point & return to the same point. I did this work & connected all the letters to each other, & it gives the full feeling of a live copy.

The font is supplemented with numbers & punctuation marks. This unique font simply must be in your collection, it is perfect for any typography, branding, logo, etc. It will make your project special & unlike anything else. It will decorate any wedding card & letter, invitation, business card, part of the logo. The font will make it nice & special everything you do with it.

The Unalome is originally a hindu symbol that graphically recalls Shiva´s third eye & it represents wisdom & the path to perfection. Spiral indicates the beginning of the path, without the knowledge or a clear direction, learning through the inevitable mistakes. It finally becomes a straight line & leads to enlightenment, often represented as a point or a circle (sun) or lotus. The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming hardships to perfection, thereby integrating a sense of Unalome.

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